Paddles are semi-cylindrical systems in which the skins are moved together with the liquid. Mixing is done with wings. The advantages of the polyester paddles are that there is no tearing of the leather. It is easy to load the product and control the processes. The discharging water of the paddles is easily drained. The transport process is facilitated by the wheeled transport trolleys placed under it.

Main Body: Main body of polyester paddle is an unyielding composite material made from homogeneous polyester mixture without any air gap. Produced in our own molds and standard capacities are 5Tones, 10Tones, 15Tones, 25Tones. It can be manufactured easily in intermediate sizes except for these capacities.

Wheel Wings (Blades): The woods of wheel wings are imported from West Africa and they are highly resistant to chemicals. Iroko wings fixed with stainless steel plates and reinforced with hidden located bolts. Wings coated with protective varnish to make tree last longer.

  Legs: Legs material is steel. Hot galvanizing operation is made for increasing corrosion resistance. Thus provides completely protection of internal and external surfaces.

Main Body Housing: Body shaft is connected to legs with custom manufactured steel housing. Body shaft’s side plate mounted to polyester body with bolts.

Hydraulic System: Hydraulic pistons – 2pieces – provides tilting of polyester paddle main body. The control of pistons connected to the hydraulic unit is done with buttons on the control panel. Hydraulically opening and closing drain valves are also included to the unit. Unit tank and hydraulic connection pipes material is stainless steel. For providing safety, there are security valves on the system.

Filtration of Pool: Filter for filtration of fluid is located bottom and material is high quality plastic which have resistant to acids and chemicals. Filters frame is stainless steel and easy to disassemble.

  Pool Drainage: Fluid inside of paddle pool drainage is provided with hydraulic valves which are controllable from control panel.

  Overflowing Pipe: There is an overflowing pipe located between side filter and side wall of paddle pool. It can be made connection with a flexible hose to draining channel.

Safety Equipments: Splash board designed from polyester material and mounted to back side of wheel wings for avoiding water splashes during the rotation. There are also covers for protecting the motor and reducer from water.

Control Panel Equipments:

  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Timer
  • Start-Stop Button
  • Paddle Up-Down Button
  • Valve Open-Close Button
  • Automatic-Manual Switch

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