About Us

Our company began business at 1973 by producing wooden parts of wooden tanning drums and paddles. According to developing technology and with obtained knowledge, made self-development and started to produce metal and polyester equipment.  In this way, Hisar tackled to produce all parts of machinery in own structure. Herewith, Hisar Company is able to produce machinery in standards, provide spare parts easily and satisfy costumer’s requests completely.

Our company is continuing production activity in own factory at Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone. Hisar produced and sold over 1000 machine, until today. Main products are; Wooden Tanning Drum, Stainless Steel Dry Milling Drum, Polyester Mixer, Stainless Steel Mixer, Hydraulic Tipping Polyester Paddle, Wooden Paddle.

Hisar is an exporter company and sells machines to abroad markets as much as Turkey market. We can exemplify some countries; China, Russia, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Greece, Lebanon, Sudan, England, New Zealand, Italy, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kirgizstan, United Arab Emirates, Lithuanian, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kirgizstan, Singapore, Georgia, Tatarstan, Somali, Belarus, Tajikistan, Algeria and more.

Our company continues business life to aim at producing quality, standard and economic machinery.